Character » Adonis appears in 4 issues.

    Adonis is a man who built a power suit and went rogue. His suit is extremely tough and with it on he can lift several tons.

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    Adonis is a cocky, small guy who gets his powers from the giant power suit he built. He is an enemy to the Teen Titans, especially Beast Boy.

    Teen Titans (2003-2006)

    Adonis first appears in the episode "The beast within". He meets the Teen Titans in an animal testing center and they begin to fight, which he defeats them all except Beast Boy. Adonis is defeated but he and Beast Boy get exposed to chemicals, making them more vicious and eventually turning them into were-wolf like creatures. Adonis later attacks Raven but Beast Boy saves her and runs off. The other Titans think Beast Boy kidnapped Raven and they chase him to the sewers and witness a battle between him and Adonis. Beast Boy defeats him and turns Adonis over to the authorities.

    Adonis also appears in another episode where he is shown causing trouble at a beach. He is defeated by Cyborg.

    Later on Adonis joins the Brotherhood of evil.


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