Adolf Impossible

    Character » Adolf Impossible appears in 9 issues.

    Son of the Impossible Man and the Impossible Woman, and member of the Future Foundation.

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    Adolf Impossible is the son of the Impossible Man and the Impossible Woman. When the Future Foundation traveled through time in order to save the Fantastic Four they are hijacked by the Impossible Man, who wants them to take care of his son for him. He's often reading for himself. He possesses great powers, that he unleashed when the Future Foundation was about to take him to New York. While in New York he is often very bored. Korr then gives him a comic book, Fantastic Four #176 featuring his father. After reading it he is mad at the other children for calling his father a super villain. In his rage he turns into a rhino version of himself and starts to chase the others. But while meeting Luna he discovers his love for shōjo anime movies. The two becomes friends.


    Adolf Impossible was created by FF writer Matt Fraction and artists Mike and Laura Allred.


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