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Admonisher was created by writer Alan Moore and artist Bart Sears, first appearing in Violator #1 of 1994.

Major Story Arcs


Admonisher is hired by Tony Twist to hunt down Violator for killing members of the mafia. Admonisher tracks down Violator in a mall and attacks him. Violator runs away only to have Admonisher follow him. Admonisher eventually catches up to Violator to find his Violator's brothers holding him. Admonisher believes that they are trying to help Violator and asks which one is Roosevelt.

He eventually begins to fight the four of five Phlebiac Brothers riddling them with bullets. The four Phlebiac Brothers run away only to have Admonisher chase them into hell.

Powers and Abilities

Admonisher has no superhuman abilities. He is an expert in firearms and showing he has skill with a bow and arrow. he was strong enough to rip through Vaporizer's stomach. He also showed the ability to jump up an escalator.


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