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Admiral Xylem is a military leader for the alien race The Vine. He is the Admiral of the mother ship that kidnapped Aric of Dacia and Gafti from their homes. He is leading The Vine invasion of Earth.


Admiral Xylem was created by writer Robert Venditti and artist Cary Nord. He first appeared in the story "The Road to Rome" in X-O Manowar #3 (Jul. 2012).

Major Story Arcs

Admiral Xylem was leading The Vine invasion of Earth in order to retrieve, or destroy, Shanhara (the X-O Manowar Armour). His fleet were waiting in orbit as Commander Trill and his commandos attempted to get Shanhara first. However when Trill realised he was fighting a losing battle against Aric, he called in reinforcements. Xylem then ordered the entire Vine fleet to attack Earth but they were destroyed before they could reach their target by Gafti wearing the Manowar armour. It appears Admiral Xylem was killed along with his crew.


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