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    Character » Admiral Ackbar appears in 174 issues.

    The Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance Fleet.

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    Ackbar was a high ranking military leader from the aquatic race of Mon Calamari. He was know as one of the best military leaders of the Rebel Fleet. He led the charge on the second Death Star, from Home One. He was known for having trouble in politics as a military officer. His good friend Mon Mothma was able to help him in his political career. After she quit politics, he was battered by the political duties of a high ranking officer. With no cover left from his friend, he turned to Leia Organa-Solo for some help. It is referenced that he cannot smile, due to his facial structure.

    For an unknown amount of time, he was a slave to Grand Moff Tarkin. Ackbar learned most of his military command tactics from him. Rebel forces later rescued him, and he quickly rose to his position. He also is noted for designing the B-Wing starfighter. He is famous for his close range battle tactics that were displayed at the Battle of Endor. He fought many battles, and was very successful.

    He was accused of treason when his bank account money increased suddenly before the Battle of Sluis Van. It turned out that the money was placed there by Imperial Intelligence, and he was exonerated. He later retired after a truce was signed with the Imperial Remnant.

    Tim Rose played Admiral Ackbar in "Return of the Jedi", while Erik Bouaersfield voiced the character.


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