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    The Adjudicator is a member of the Cosmic Tribunal, a "court" of virtually omnipotent beings, that passes judgement on different species of the universe.

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    The Adjudicator was sent by the Cosmic Tribunal to eradicate mankind for their warlike nature, their crimes, their failure to stop poverty, and their bigotry." After arriving on earth The Adjudicator appeared simultaneously in hundreds of locations all over the planet, including New York, Moscow, Paris and the Himalayas. He communicated telepathically with ever person on earth and told them that they would be eradicated by him in one earth week. Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, attacked him first and was defeated within milliseconds. The Adjudicator was then attacked by jets from the United States Air Force and with but a thought The Adjudicator deadened their engines and forced them to the ground. The next wave of attacks came from Doctor Doom's Imperial Destructo-Jets, and though extremely powerful, Doom's jets proved to be just as ineffective as the Air Force's. The Adjudicator was then attacked by the combined force of Captain America, Thor, Vision, Professor X, Iron Man, the Human Torch, and the Thing. All of these great heroes exerting their powers to the fullest did not even cause the Adjudicator to flinch.

    Since the Adjudicator was present in multiple locations on the Earth, the Inhumans appeared on the other side of the globe and attacked the Adjudicator there.

    Black Bolt unleashed his full power as never before, and still The Adjudicator stood unharmed. While these attacks were taking place, Reed Richards contacted the Silver Surfer via a universe spanning transmitter. The Surfer in turn contacted Galactus, and learned that even the great world devourer would not engage the Adjudicator in battle. Galactus, being born in the universe before this one, knew of a race of beings that could defeat not only The Adjudicator, but also the Cosmic Tribunal. This race of beings, called the Decimators, lived a thousand universes away and was a completely mindless race of beings that existed only on instincts; instincts to kill. Being totally devoid of thought, the Decimators were immune to the thought powers of the members of the Cosmic Tribunal. Upon learning of the Tribunal's existence; The Decimators set out to destroy them. The Adjudicator sensed his brethren being attacked and teleported to the Tribunal to help fend off the Decimators. Galactus transported himself, The Silver Surfer, and The Fantastic Four to the Tribunal to aid The Adjudicator in his home world’s battle. With the help of the World Devourer and his "comrades", the Cosmic Tribunal defeated The Decimators. The Cosmic Tribunal decided that their decision to eradicate the human race had been in error and left the world to its own devices.

    Physical Characteristics/Powers

    Estimated at 22,000 feet tall; The Adjudicator is virtually omnipotent. The Adjudicator is able to achieve anything he desires with the merest thought. The Adjudicator is invulnerable to physical harm. He has proven himself capable of withstanding The Human Torch's Nova Blast without sustaining any injury and, in an even more awesome display of invulnerability, stood unfazed and unflinching in the face of Black Bolt's full scream.

    The Adjudicator proved capable of travelling at faster than light speeds, and teleporting across universe spanning distances. He seems to be not only omnipotent, but also omniscient and omnipresent.


    Since all of The Adjudicator's and the other members of the Cosmic Tribunal's powers are thought based, they are apparently unable to affect beings without minds.


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