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    Adeline Kane was a US Army instructor training recruits for a top-secret military program called Team 7. She fell in love with and married one of her recruits, Slade Wilson, who would later become Deathstroke. In subsequent years, she became the mother of two sons: Grant and Joseph Wilson.

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    Adeline Kane grew up the daughter of wealthy parents. Her father taught her everything he had learned while working as a liaison for communist guerrilla fighters during World War II. In turn, Adeline served in the U.S. Army as an instructor in a special training program at Camp Washington. Adeline had a brief relationship with Wade DeFarge (Slade's half-brother). Although the two parted ways, Wade remained bitter over the break-up.

    Character History

    Marrying Slade Wilson

    The couple met while in service in the United States Army (Adeline had been Slade's instructor in guerrilla warfare). Sparks ignited immediately between the two, and they quickly fell in love and wed. Shortly thereafter, Adeline gave birth to a son, Grant (who would later become the Ravager).

    Slade continued on active duty, and volunteered for a medical experiment in resisting truth serums. The experiment had an unforeseen side effect: it gave Slade enhanced strength and heightened reflexes. Shortly after this, Adeline gave birth to a second son, Joseph. Slade soon was discharged from the army. He took up hunting for awhile, but it failed to quench his thirst for the life he once led. Unknown to his wife and family, Slade secretly became a mercenary known as Deathstroke the Terminator. On one of his assignments, Slade assassinated a Colonel from the country of Qurac.

    The president from Qurac sent a terrorist known as the Jackal to find Slade, and find out who hired him to kill the Colonel. To gain leverage, the Jackal kidnapped a young Joseph Wilson.

    This forced Slade to admit to his wife that he was secretly the mercenary known as Deathstroke the Terminator. Adeline and Slade (outfitted as Deathstroke) together confronted the Jackal. Slade refused to give the Jackal the information he requested, because it would violate his professional code of ethics. Slade gambled he could react fast enough to save his son; He saved Joseph's life, but not before one of Jackal's men had begun to slit his throat, making Joseph mute.

    A Single Mother

    Adeline - furious at Slade's betrayal and the risking of her son's life - confronted Slade with a gun. Slade's quick reflexes saved his life, but he lost his right eye due to the gunshot inflicted by his wife. Adeline then divorced Slade and raised her two sons by herself. Grant followed in his father's footsteps and attended military school.

    Joseph, however, was quite different from his brother. He was a kind, gentle soul who flourished in the arts. Joseph was both a talented artist and musician. Adeline nurtured this side of Joseph, and he grew up to be a fine young man under Adeline's care.

    Sometime after her divorce from Slade, Adeline established her own organization, Searchers, Inc. – a worldwide information network that passes itself off as a detective agency. As he grew older, Joseph worked closely with his mother, apparently receiving combat training and tactical fighting maneuvers from her. Searchers, Inc. provided espionage services for a number of clients. On a mission for the US government, Joseph and his mother separated briefly for reconnaissance. Joseph spotted his mother in danger from an assassin she did not see. Joseph wanted to scream, but couldn't. The assassin laughed and prepared to fire at Adeline. Joseph intensely stared at him across the room, desperately wanting to stop him. It was at this moment that his mutant power first manifested; Joseph felt his bodies separate and enter into the assassin, controlling the man's motor skills. Joseph's DNA had been mutated, because of the biological experimentation that had been done on Slade Wilson, which gave him superpowers.

    Family Business & The Titans

    Joseph continued to use his abilities for Searchers Inc. Shortly thereafter, Adeline discovered the Terminator's latest activities involving the Titans. With the help of Terra, Slade had finally fulfilled the HIVE deliver the Titans into their hands. Adeline and Joseph surveyed Slade's activities, and approached Nightwing, offering to help rescue the captured Titans. At this time, Joseph first adopted the name Jericho, and fashioned a costume for himself. Nightwing and Jericho successfully freed the kidnapped Titans and brought Slade Wilson to justice. Adeline was quite pleased with herself; it appears she wanted Joseph to become a member of this team of young adults.

    Eventually, Slade Wilson stood trial and re-examined his life. He developed a stricter code of ethics and even became an ally to the Titans. Addie continued to run Searchers, Inc. and on one of these missions was attacked by Jackal and injured. When Slade was forced to kill their son Joe, it drove a wedge between Slade and Addie.

    Still, some time later, Slade was able to save Addie's life. While in Egypt, Addie was dying from a slow acting poison. It was a blood transfusion from Slade that saved her life.

    Becoming Insane

    Soon, a new man assuming the identity of the Ravager was hunting down Slade's friends and loved ones. At the same time, Adeline Wilson was exhibiting strange behavior, blaming Slade for the death of her sons... vowing to kill him and his new lover, Pat Trayce (Vigilante). It was during this ordeal that Slade made some shocking discoveries about himself. After being riddled with bullets and brought to a morgue, Slade awoke from the dead. Apparently, Slade had an unknown extra-ability to add to his enhanced healing factor: Immortality.

    Now completely over the edge, Addie donned a Vigilante costume and came into conflict with Slade and the Ravager. After Adeline was bruised and healed immediately, Slade guessed the truth: Slade's blood transfusion gave her rapid-healing powers, but also was driving her quite mad. During the fracas with Ravager, Addie was shot between the eyes and presumed dead. Later, in the morgue, Adeline awoke. Apparently, she had gained Slade's immortality as well.

    H.I.V.E Mistress

    Addie eventually resurfaced - founding a new H.I.V.E. made up of nihilistic youths. The all-new H.I.V.E.'s mission was a simple one: rid the world of all super-powered meta-humans, as she blamed super heroes for the deaths of her two sons.

    Addie lured the Titans and other heroes to Zandia with the intention of detonating a thermonuclear bomb to destroy as many heroes as possible in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, the anti-Titans group known as Tartarus was tracking Adeline Kane for their own purposes; Tartarus leader Vandal Savage sought to harvest Addie's immortal blood to create an immortality serum.

    The Titans – with the help of Deathstroke – tracked Tartarus to Zandia and found themselves in a dangerous three-way battle for their lives.

    Savage slit Addie's throat in an attempt to synthesize her blood - and offered Cyborg a human body if he would help Savage harvest the blood into a serum. Addie, although immortal, was brain dead. Cyborg agonized whether to accept Savage's offer. But before a decision was reached, Starfire fired a starbolt at Addie, killing her instantly. Starfire rationalized that she was virtually dead and in great pain, not to mention distracting half the team; Killing her, she reasoned, was the only compassionate option.

    The H.I.V.E. was contained, the bomb was deactivated and Tartarus escaped, as Slade was left to mourn his ex-wife.

    New 52

    Adeline Wilson was a captain in the U.S. Army and was Slade Wilson's commanding officer. Slade and Adeline married as his distrust of the top brass moved him closer into her confidences. She had two children with Slade and named them Grant and Joseph. When the North Korean's attacked their house she was believed to have died with Joseph. Adeline Wilson and her son Jericho survived an attack on their home and settled in Maine. She and a grown Jericho are working towards destroying Slade Wilson's life, legacy, ego, and reputation. Slade holds these closer to him than his own family.


    At the start of the New 52, Rose Wilson was retconned to be Adeline's daughter, but as of Christopher Priest's run on Deathstroke, Rose's status has reverted to being the daughter of Lillian Worth.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Armed Combat: She's highly trained, especially with firearms.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
    • Tactician: Adeline specialized in training the soldiers under her in strategies designed to decimate a group of opponents.

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