Can Adamantium break adamantium? O_O?

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Look at Wolvy's claws at the bottom! They are going through Omega red's adamantium tentacle thingies!


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It's not adamantium, It's carbonadium, not as durable. I don't think it should have gone throguh anyway,

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Wait what?? I though his tentacles were made of Adamantium!!

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Nope, his tentacles are made of a softer substance.

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Ok I read the Carbon thingy, but its still indestructible, so how come that happened? AHA! I see an artist mistake XD

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Because Adamantium > Carbonadium.

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Well Now I'm Wondering...CAN Adamantium brake Adamantium!?

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Carbonadium is more mallable (bendable, or can be shapened more easy) than adamantium.
But it's possible adamantium can break adamantium, depending upon type.

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definite yes, everything is vulnerable to itself. otherwise all that plot of adamantium bullets is crap

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Omega Red's tentacles are made of Carbonium, a Adamantium-like substance. Carbonium is more flexable than Adamantium, but Adamantium is more durable

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Adding to everyone else's posts, I should add its a cover too, they are often inconsistent with what actually happens, they are meant to invoke reaction and well impress you. Like the one where Hulk punches Iron Man dead lol, and ah also, if you read that issue well... yea I'll leave it there, its good by the way...  
There is still much we don't know about adamantium, but logically, if you create some, in its thinnest possible variation, make that really long? Get some really heavy adamantium, as in hundreds of times, larger than the thin piece, and also with a solid edge (the way so it would not reflect of something with ease) and drop it, onto the thin piece... well yeah, gravity. 

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speaking from a chemistry stand point yes Adamantium shoud be able to break Adamantium, just as Titanium can break Titanium and Tin can break Tin, though it would take some time with Adamantium, but eventually with enough strikes Adamantium will break Adamantium.

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Adamantium can break adamantium, but only if is crashing into each other at at least 1,000,000,000mph. If you take a sheet of true adamantium 0.001 nanometer thick and drop an anvil made of adamantium from 5 miles high, then the adamantium will break itself. Note: the thickness of the adamantium was way thinner than nanobots.
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If Thor and the Hulk and Superman all take a giant hammer made of adamantium and hit a thin piece of  adamantium then im sure it will break. 

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yes. adamantium in theory should be able to break adamantium at the right angle, speed, and power. just like steel can cut steel.

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Can adamantine break true adamantium because on this site it says that adamantine is stronger than true adamantium. Also, can Magneto manipulate adamantine because he has no problem manipulating true adamantium, he can also move Thor's hammer so that means he can effect mystical enchanted items.

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Scientifically speaking if one piece was moving with enough force at another piece they'd probably shatter each other like when 2 pieces of steel are slammed together hard enough 

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IMO It is possible, the breaking of a metal is the dislocation of the crystal structure due to a shear force that is strong enough, in other word, if adamantium is breakable in the first place(which I'm not sure that it is but let's assume it is) given a force that is big enough, you can break it with an egg, WHAT breaks it should be irrelevant. so if adamantium is breakable in the first place. then yes, adamantium can break adamantium. Can adamantium pierce through another adamantium though I'm not sure if I can answer that.

correct me if I am wrong.

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