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    Character » Adam Zero appears in 6 issues.

    Adam Zero the last man of earth is and ongoing series from Ronin Studios.

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    Adam Zero
    is the last surviving member of the human race. In the distant future he travels through out space attempting to survive while attempting to discover the people responsible for the slaughter of humanity. Rescued from the Purge by his mother Negala Zero, his father Bishop Zero
    the fleet commander of the remaining human forces gave his life to give his mother enough time to escape.

    Finding and using his fathers former vessel the Ragnorak. He is assisted by his crew Of Kitana Udur and Ghost.

    Adam Zero #1-4

    1. During a job he is performing for Roman Gregory he finds information that leads him to discover some of the architects of the Purge virus. Unknown to him Datok has already hired the services of Creed the Hunter to capture Zero. After a battle aboard his ship with Creed, he learns the identity of the creator of the purge virus that killed the human race.
    2. Traveling to a university he confronts Professor Plague. And is locked in a battle with one of his latest sinister creations. After its defeat he is shocked to discover a clone of himself controlled by Plague.
    3. Coming face to face with Adam Xero the two engage in a massive fight as Professor Plague tries to escape. Upon defeating his doppleganger Zero hunts down and kills Professor Plague who gives him the name of Datok as the mana behind it all. And tells hm that a human woman still lives.
    4. Datok is finally revealed as he brings together Xero and Creed to help him finish Adam Zero once and for all

    Issue #5

    • This issue begins a new story arc for Adam Zero as he fights with villianous Count Dread.

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