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I know this seems like a dead, long forgotten character, but wouldn't this be a perfect time to bring him out of retirement? With the "War of Kings" happening it would be a perfect time to bring Adam back from whatever he is doing. I know this is an obvious problem now with him supposed to be another Summer's brother, especially now with Vulcan's story, but it could be real interesting. Also there is no perfect set up to throw in another character than in the middle of a war.

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Scott doesn't seem to care about his Brothers dueling it out in Space, i doubt AX will... but i'd like to see him return some day.

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#3 Posted by Black Mass (70 posts) - - Show Bio

One day....maybe. lol

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#4 Posted by John Valentine (16466 posts) - - Show Bio

No one likes Adam X-treme.

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He had the ability to be a cool character, but the whole summers thing screwed him up.

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Wasn't it like he could make your blood explode or something once it was exposed... he had plenty of potential!

John Valentine said:
"No one likes Adam X-treme."
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I understand that Scott doesnt care or know about the War going on, but Adam might have more at stake, being Shi'ar and all. I could think of the perfect reasons why he would get involved. And this character is Awesome, he just was never given the chance to live up to his full potential.

I know that the story for the War of Kings is already done, and therefore it's to late to really add Adam-X which is shame. All the same though I can't wait to read it.

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he is officially back, check him out in Utopia, he just got arrrested lol !!!

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Yeah, and he was badly written as a raving brain-dead lunatic who only wants to fight... He'd been in about 5 issues previously.  It wouldn't have killed Matt Fraction to read them to understand his character...

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hmm yeah he did seem to be like a drunken yob rather then one of the best fighters in the galaxy lol

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will adam stay on after the events of utopia 

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im surprised he showed up. i wonder how they got around the legal issues that shelved his character in the first place?
now what are they going to do with his retconned 3rd summers brother thing? (only explained by the fact that he fell off the map and everyone just forgot)

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Now I seen it all if Adam is back and was at least seen then anyone can comeback, I mean I given up on ever seen him again

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I think he is still on Utopia, maybe they should start using him again, There is still the "Street Level Team" Since their is only three on their

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Deathbird could awake from her coma... Revealing to the summers fam that she had Vulcan's child... Hyperstorm could reveal to Deathbird that AdamX is true heir to the throne... This all could happen during Havok and Polaris's wedding... Also bringing back scotty summers with a better retcon of the Goblin Force as the shadow of the phoenix banished to the mutanX realm...

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