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    Adam West was a television actor and comedian known for playing Batman. After the show ended he was typecast and disappeared into obscurity until later in life.

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    Adam West is an actor that plays in the 1960s Batman series. He is a millionare playboy by day , and also the Caped Crusader by day. He has a variety of bat gadgets including bat shark spray, bat whale spray,bat baracuda spray,and bat sting ray spray. He uses a batrope opposed to his much quicker grappling hook. Adam West has the ability to create flashes of sound effects on screen. As Batman, he has a special dance move he calls the bat tusi.

    Is made as a parody of Batman and Adam West in the Fairly Oddparents. Also appears in the movie Omega Cop and some westerns. He voice acts the Mayor in The Batman and is the narrator to a Johnny Bravo cartoon.

    Family Guy:

    Adam West is mayor of Quahog. He is completely insane. Thus he has irrational and strange questions and ideas. Like "Who's stealing my water" after watering his plants and the water being obviously absorbed into the Soil.

    It is also revealed that he had a love interest in Meg when she was his intern but later broke off the relationship when Brian threatened to show the pictures of them to everyone. It is unknown if he still loves her like he did.


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