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    The Leader of the Norsefire Party, and therefore head of the government of England

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    Born and raised in England, Adam Susan was a lonely and socially inept child who turned to fascist thought as a way of bolstering his own power and ego. Taking work with the police and soon rising to the position of chief constable, he became involved in politics during a period of global upheaval. Gathering the support of other far-right politicians in the wake of the nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union that devastated the globe, Susan seized power in England as the head of the Norsefire Party. Immediately establishing a rigid totalitarian government, he used his power to purge the country of anybody who was not white, English, heterosexual, or Christian, as well as eliminating political dissidents.


    Adam Susan was created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. He made his first appearance in Warrior #2

    Major Story Arcs

    V for Vendetta

    Following V's initial terrorist attack, Susan meets with the other constituent parts of the Head, and sets Derek Almond to investigate and quell V's rebellion. He continues to oversee and direct government operations, taking reports from the leaders of the various organizations that make up the Head and delegating tasks to them. As V's campaign of murders, kidnappings, and disruptions escalates, Susan grows slowly more unhinged and withdrawn, obsessing over his supercomputer, Fate, an obsession that increasingly has an erotic element. Unbeknownst to him, V has hacked into Fate, and uses it to torment Susan, sending him brief messages of love, apparently from Fate, to destabilize him. Realizing that V has hacked into Fate, Susan is pushed over the edge. He goes on a publicity parade through London, still reeling from Fate's betrayal, and is assassinated by Rosemary Almond.

    Powers and Abilities

    Adam Susan has no superhuman powers or abilities

    Weapons and Equipment

    Susan is the primary user of Fate, a massive supercomputer that is responsible for monitoring England, coordinating government actions, and predicting future outcomes.

    Other Media

    V for Vendetta

    Susan, renamed to Adam Sutler, is the High Chancellor of the Norsefire Party in this adaptation of the comic book. He is portrayed by John Hurt.


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