Adam Strange #8

    Adam Strange » Adam Strange #8 - Planet Heist - Part Eight released by DC Comics on June 2005.

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    Adam Strange's star-spanning adventure comes to its deadly conclusion! But the end of Adam's struggle is only the beginning of the greatest threat the universe has ever seen. Get ready for the opening salvos of the Rann/Thanagar War, which continues in a major miniseries later in 2005!                                  

    Starbreaker has finished consuming the energy of Rann’s three suns and now turns his attention to Rann. In orbit over Rann, and Thanagarians and Rannians are fighting when Dox teleports back with backup. L.E.G.I.O.N. soldiers and three Darkstars - Ferrin Colos, Munchukk and Chaser Bron. Adam Strange then teleports himself inside the Thanagarian ship and then teleports the reactor core to the ship’s bridge and using this knowledge regarding Thanagarian technology, reprograms the Zeta Beam. The ship blows up and meets up with the other Rannians.

    Adam then hears that Alanna and Sardath are being held hostage by Valkyr and two Thanagarians. Adam teleports in and kills the two Thanagarian guards, injuring Valkyr. However, there is a third Thanagarian guard and he and Adam fight hand-to-hand. Valkyr then takes Alanna prisoner.

    Starbreaker is nearing Rann and the three Darkstars blast Starbreaker. Dox tells them that their blaster energy is only giving him power, so they switch their blasters to absorb the power. Munchukk is killed by blast from Dox and Chaser Bron's suit overloads, killing him in an explosion. Ferrin Colos is the last Darkstar.

    As Valkyr holds Alanna, he mocks Adam. Alanna then headbutts Valkyr. Valkyr then knocks back Alanna, and heads toward the Omega Beam’s console. She may not be able to prevent them from teleporting, but she can change the destination. Adam demands her to stop what she’s doing, but Valkyr mocks him again saying that he wouldn’t dare shoot a woman in the back. Alanna with a blaster in her hand, shoots Valkyr.

    Ferrin Colos knows his suit is overloading and wants everyone to remember him and the Darkstars. He is then consumed by Starbreaker. With the L.E.G.I.O.N. fleet on Rann, the beam teleports the whole planet leaving Starbreaker in the dead universe. Now safe, Sardath says that he will destroy the Omega Beam but Adam tells him to teleport the supernova where Alpha Centauri was to prevent it from hitting Earth. Sardath checks the computer and notices that Valkyr was successful in altering the teleporter’s intended destination. They have been teleported to the Polaris system, home of Thanagar. Adam states that Rann’s presence in Thanagar would seem as if they want to start a war. Thanagar has always wanted a war with Rann. Just then, a grenade falls from Valkyr’s hand, destroying the Omega Beam, preventing them from transporting back. Then, Sardath drops another bombshell: that Rann’s gravitational pull is altering Thanagar’s orbit, shifting it towards the sun. Adam then realises the irony. Valkyr wished to destroy Rann but instead ended up dooming Thanagar. Adam vowed to help all the Thanagarians they could, along with L.E.G.I.O.N. and the Omega Men.



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    A decent ending to an awesome story. 0

    This is my first attempt to write a review so sorry if it's bad.It's just an decent ending to a good series.I give the story a 6/10 I give the art a 8/10 I give the writing a 7/10 So that makes it 7/10 but I gave it a 4/5 because the rest of the series.If you are considering to buy this miniseries I say do it as I think the whole series is awesome.The artI really like the art it's kind of soft (without clear lines and angles) and I don't know why but it works for this cosmic story. It gives the ...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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