Adam Pollina

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    Adam Pollina is an American penciller who is best known for his work for Marvel Comics.

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    New York based artist, Adam Pollina is best known for his three years of pencilling the X-Men related title X-Force.  His stye provided fluid anatomy, stylish fashion, and highly decorative and emphatic borders which proved popular with fans.

    Before his work for Marvel, he had established himself working for Friendly Comics on the series Sex Trek; an adult themed Star Trek parody, and work for Defiant in the early 1990's.  Moving to Marvel, his work included (but not exclusive to) the stretch on X-Force, The Rise of Apocalypse, the occasional issue of Generation X and a variety of other contributions.

    Having spent some time away from comics Pollina has returned with the nine-issue series Big Daddy Danger for DC.  A series that revolves around a masked wrestler who struggles as a sole parent who must protect his country, which apparently Disney have expressed a great interest in adapting.  His return to Marvel has resulted in the five-issue mini series Angel: Revelations set around the origin of the X-Man Angel who over comes the trials and tribulations of a cold family life, his growing physical mutation while living at boarding school, abuse of power from authority figures, and a religious zealot on a murdering crusade across America.

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