Adam Mann

    Character » Adam Mann appears in 5 issues.

    Driven by the belief he is descended from a god, Adam Mann lived to pursue both power and mythical artifacts.

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    From an early age, Adam was fascinated by the myths and legends of old his single mother told him as bedtime stories.. This fascination would grow as he did. 
    Excelling at sports from an early age, Mann made a career of athletics, and  won more Olympic gold medals than any other athlete in history.

    Having had himself tested for the X-factor, and found not to have it, Mann felt his prowess could only mean one thing: he was a descendent of some wayward god such as Hercules
    Using the fame generated by his athletic success, Mann was able to acquire a substantial amount of money very rapidly from endorsement deals.  This money, along with his other natural gifts, allowed him to create a business empire (Mann Industries).

    His vast wealth allowed him to pursue ancient, mystic artifacts, objects and items of power. One of his research facilities detected the energy output of the newly-reawakened, enchanted mace Thunderstrike.

    Mann sent a strike force to locate and acquire the Thunderstrike. During his first battle with Kevin Masterson, he was able to defeat the teen hero by firing a blast through his chest, which nearly killed him. Instead, the power of the mace channeled back into Kevin, and made him human again.

    Kevin reclaimed the mace and renewed the battle. In the course of the fight, Adam and he broke out of the mansion, landing in the road near by. After they ended up knocking a car off the road, the people in the car believed that Adam was Iron Man and attacked Thunderstrike. However, Adam attacked all of them, changing their minds.

    Mangog, who had been freed from his extra-dimensional prison thanks to Adam's mystic machine, came across the two of them. Mangog intended to devour Thunderstrike, but Gruenhilda told Kevin to return to human form and in doing so, he lost Mangog's interest. Mangog instead turned towards Adam and while Adam offered to help Mangog in his war against Olympus and Asgard. Mangog devoured Adam to add his power to his own.


    Adam Mann was an multiple Olympic medal winning athlete, and is still in good physical condition, demonstrating strength superior to that of normal humans. 
    Mann possessed a suit of armor, technological in nature that granted him super human strength, energy blasts, and durability sufficient to exchange blows with the latest incarnation of Thunderstrike. The suit also enabled Mann to fly, and sense the presence and intensity of sources of mystic energy.  
    It was powered by a device Mann called the "Mysticator", which tapped into and harnessed the energies of magical objects.

    Character Creation

    Adam Mann was created by Tom Defalco and Ron Frenz in 2011.


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