Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1

    Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel » Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 - Part One released by Marvel on January 1, 2009.

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    An unstoppable super-villain attacks New York City--and the Mighty Avengers fall before him! Where did Anti-Man come from? And who can stop his overwhelming rampage?! Now Iron Man races to find the only man who's ever defeated Anti-Man--THE BLUE MARVEL...a hero the world hasn't seen since 1961! Will Tony Stark uncover the truth behind Blue Marvel's disappearance...and will Blue Marvel ever recover from it? Kevin Grevioux (NEW WARRIORS) and Mat Broome (The End League) join forces to create Marvel's newest powerhouse super hero!

    Present Time

    A new Super Villain is attacking New York City, and the Mighty Avengers are helpless to stop him. After fighting them back with little effort, the villain clams that he has run out of time, but he has not been stop. His body then disappears. Iron Man plans to find out who he was before this new villain shows up again.

    June 4th, 1962

    A battle is raging between, that same villain, now revealed to be Anti-Man, and the legendary Blue Marvel. The battle cause damage to nearby buildings the two titans went at it. After seemingly defeating Anti-Man, Blue Marvel emerged from the battle, his mask torn enough to reveal that he is an African American. Shortly after this event, people began to fear the idea of a super-power black man running around, while other African Americas were hoping that he would be their savior and wipe out the white people. The President, not having another option sets up a meeting with Adam, the Blue Marvel, and asks him to stand down for the greater good.


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     Summary and scans can be viewed here The GoodThe artist and colorists use of light and dark was particularly well down. The battle between anti-man and the mighty avengers looked well thanks to the light and dark contrast. I also enjoyed the trip back in time to “racist” America something that you can easily take for granted if you’ve never been a minority your whole life. It was also an interesting read about the retirement of the blue marvel since it will be a very polarizing event to r...

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