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An Army Ranger in Vietnam, he and his entire unit were attacked by a mad werewolf even though, apparently there are very few weres in Asia. The entire unit was slaughtered except Adam and one other, David Christiansen, but both were so seriously wounded they were shipped home. Luckily for Adam, while recovering (at exceptional speed) at Walter Reed another soldier recognized the signs that he was going to change into a werewolf. Unluckily for David Christiansen he returned home to find that his wife had been cheating on him and greeted him practically at his door with divorce papers, exacerbating his Change and causing his first Change to be a bloody massacre of his wife and her lover in front of his own children. Both hate that they're now "monsters".

At some point after Adam became an Alpha, he married (not mated) with Christy and they had a daughter, Jessica "Jesse" Tamarind Hauptman, whi is 14 at the beginning of the first Mercy Thompson novel. Christy as a classic narcissist makes a horrible mother, but Adam's protective instincts, which make him such a good Alpha, also make him an excellent father.

In the books, Adam and his pack moved to the Tri-Cities some time after Mercy had already been working for Zee awhile and owned her trailer home before he bought the land adjacent to hers and built his house, according to the story in Homecoming, Adam and his pack were already there when Mercy came to town.


Moon Called, book 1

A young werewolf possibly rogue impossibly lone, wanders into Mercedes' Volkswagen repair shop and asks for a job under the table. It quickly becomes obvious to Mercy that "Mac" has no idea what it means to be a werewolf or how to control himself. After a couple days she decides that enough is enough and she'll take him a blanket for the night, and take HIM to Adam, the area Alpha, soon. But she left her purse in her safe at the shop, so she goes to get that on her way to WalMart to encounter another werefwolf, moonstuck, and working with a human mercenary trying to convince Mac that she's called them to come get him. Events continue and Mercy, as a coyote, winds up killing the ignorant moonstruck werewolf and Adam is called that night, along with the local witch Elizaveta and her grandson (acting chauffer) Robert for clean-up.


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