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Adam's mentor was a renowned magician, but after he died, Adam took to the streets performing magic tricks and stealing from greedy Wall Street patrons. He caught the attention of a young girl named Evy Parkhouse. Adam performs under an alias the Kid and always wears a mask when he performs. Eventually some cops attempt to arrest him, but he escapes with Evy watching and vowing to keep his secret. Adam meets his friend Will, a pawnshop keep and gives him watches and other valuables in exchange for cash. Adam then donated the money to an orphans shelter and gave the kids candy. Later under his Kid alias, he infiltrated a very rich man's home to steal whatever he could, but is caught by agents of some kind. He manages to escape, but is soon captured again and is forced to work for them or risk going to jail. However Adam soon learns that his mentor Blackstone is not dead after all and is a part of this strange organization.


Adam so far is a very generous and selfless young man as he is known to give money to the orphan center where he grew up. He seems to also have a fondness for children, but can be a bit arrogant at times, too.

Powers and Abilities:

Adam is a normal human being, but he has a great knowledge of street magic and illusions. He is also an escapologist as he broke free from a pair of handcuffs. He is also adept at martial arts and he is very agile and adept at parkour. He leaped off a building by jumping and leaping to various parts of a building before he landed safely on the ground.


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