Adam Chamberlain

    Character » Adam Chamberlain appears in 28 issues.

    Adam Chamberlain is the protagonist of Vertigo's American Virgin.

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    When the story opens, Adam Chamberlain is quite obviously not your average teenager, besides the fact that he's no longer in his teen years, he's also a very religious young man. In fact Adam Chamberlain is traveling the world preaching his message, that sex is a special union and can only be shared with one other in your life. He travels the country declaring his own virginity and signing virginity cards for other teens, doing his best to ensure that sex is only had with one partner throughout your life, because he has chosen to wait for his one partner, the one God told him to wait for, Cassandra Coleman. Although she is currently doing work in Africa, he has chosen to wait for her return for them to share the joy known as sex because it was ordained by God.

    Unfortunately, tragedy strikes in his life when Cassandra is murdered, beheaded in fact, and he finds himself in a crisis mode, God had promised her to him, how could this have happened? This leads to him and his half-sister, Cyndi traveling to Africa so that they may gain more insight into the murder of Cassandra...and revenge. There they learn some hard truths, Adam faces some things he's not quite ready to accept, and he and Cyndi meet up with Mel "the Mercenary".

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