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Background Info/ Acting Career

Adam Jared Brody is a nerdy actor who loves comic books. After growing up in suburban San Diego, Brody decided that college was not his thing and dropped out at the age of nineteen. He decided to pursue a career in acting and landed small roles in television shows and movies like American Pie 2. In 2003, he began playing his most famous role to date, Seth Cohen, a slightly awkward teenager, on the television show The O.C. This role turned him into the idol for many teenagers and brought him the fame he now has. During his O.C. years, Brody has appeared alongside Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. After The O.C. was cancelled, he has continued playing various roles in big name movies.


Brody's love for comic books was incorporated into to his award winning role on The O.C. He has only co-written Red Menace (with Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo). He has expressed his interest in creating more comic books in several interviews. Brody's love for comic books was incorporated into to his award winning role on The O.C.

Adam Brody was supposed to play The Flash in an Australian version of the comic book series.

Personal Life

Brody plays drums for his band Big Japan with the actor Bret Harrison. In his free time, he writes screenplays and songs and has co-written, along with Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo, a comic book miniseries for Wildstorm Comics called Red Menace. Brody volunteers with the Young Storytellers Program, a program which is dedicated to help elementary school children develop literacy, self-expression and self-esteem.

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