Adam Archer

    Character » Adam Archer appears in 38 issues.

    An astronaut who encountered an alien species and gained amazing cosmic powers.

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    Adam Archer is the brother in a family with three sisters. He was chosen for a space program mission over his sister Neela, who had also trained in the same program. Neela continues to resent him to this day for being picked, even though she was just as qualified as he was. During his space mission, Adam's craft crashed. Doomed to die, he struggled to a nearby mountain. A group of alien beings saved his life and granted him godlike powers, they helped to train him in the basic use of his powers and sent back to Earth. On his homeworld once again, the military scrutinized this new Adam Archer and eventually released him. He was given a base to stay at named the "Infinity Tower", in which his sisters would also reside, and the government could continue to monitor him and call upon him for assistance. Some of the sisters tend to dislike being relegated to support duty for Adam, particularly since it is stifling in the pursuit of their own goals. However, they also realize that Adam is part of a greater good and needs their help.


    Adam has several powers that he has developed thanks to the teachings of his alien mentors. They all appear to have descriptive names that Adam can reference when he needs to concentrate and focus his power.

    Self-Transformation: a cosmic energy form that gives him tremendous power and speed.
    Spiral of Energy: a whirling blast of star energy that whips around Adam's body.
    Fury of Five Fingers of Power: five striking rays that are emitted from his fingertips.
    Diamond Sun-Heart Area Shield: a protective field that envelops him.
    Microwave Death Strike: energy blast for use against inorganics.
    Supernova Affirmation Attack: powerful area burst.
    Atomic Launch Attack: energy powered propulsion ram.
    Gravity Smash Maneuver: dynamic object collision.
    Wormhole Access Transit: aka teleportation.
    Selective Photospheric Burst Attack: a cosmic blast that blankets a huge area, but only effects selective targets, passing harmlessly through unintended victims.
    Mini-Nova Blast: short ranged power blast.
    Heartbeat Sunburst Attack Pattern: a ricocheting energy attack that seems to cause a transformative effect on its target. Unknown if the chemical reaction was from the power or something to with the atomic make-up of the target.
    Atomized Sphere Attack: launches orbs of cosmic energy which stream towards their target.
    Sporadic Fire Spread: multiple rays of sizzling energy.
    Foundation Disintegration Maneuver: twin eye beams that destroy the floor upon which the target stands.
    Multiple Holographic Confusion Tactic: Adam creates many light forms of himself, and his foe must guess which one is the real him.


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