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    Volume 3

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    Superman found himself in a world very much like his own, but populated by a new breed of younger, angrier heroes – including a whole new Superman. And when that Superman fell in the line of duty, the original Man of Steel stepped up to take his place. But no sooner does the legendary hero take to the skies than his greatest enemies emerge to face him, from Metropolis’ self-styled protector Lex Luthor to the engine of death and destruction known as Doomsday. Meanwhile, a person – or being – claiming to be the real Clark Kent is dogging his every move. And back in the fields of Smallville, his wife, Lois, and son, Jonathan, face this strange new world as well. Is the Man of Tomorrow ready to face it?

    Numbering for this series continues from the original Volume 1 and adds in issues from the New 52's Volume 2.


    Being the longest DC series, the storyline in Action Comics is conventionally divided into eras corresponding to those in the universe.

    Rebirth (2016)

    The story continues from Superman: Lois & Clark.

    Dan JurgensMain957-984, 987-999Ending in Special
    Paul DiniThe Man in the Purple Hat975Bonus story
    Rob WilliamsOnly Human985-986

    Collected in:

    1Path of Doom957-962
    2Welcome to the Planet963-966
    3Men of Steel967-972
    Superman: Reborn973-976
    4The New World977-984
    The Oz Effect985-992
    5Booster Shot993-999

    Also in Superman by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason Omnibus (975-976)


    80-page special issue.

    Dan JurgensFrom the City that Has Everything
    Peter J. TomasiNever-Ending Battle
    Marv WolfmanAn Enemy Within
    Paul LevitzThe Game
    Geoff Johns & Richard DonnerThe Car
    Scott SnyderThe Fifth Season
    Tom KingOf Tomorrow
    Louise SimonsonFive Minutes
    Paul DiniActionland!
    Brad MeltzerFaster than a Speeding Bullet
    Brian Michael BendisThe Truth

    Collected in:


    DC Universe (2018)

    The story continues from The Man of Steel.

    Brian Michael Bendis1001-1028

    Collected in:

    1Invisible Mafia1001-1006
    2Leviathan Rising1007-1011
    3Leviathan Hunt1012-1016
    4Metropolis Burning1017-1021
    5The House of Kent1022-1028

    Infinite Frontier (2021)

    Each issue includes 2 storylines – additional follow from the main.

    Phillip K. JohnsonMain1029-1046Ending in Warworld Apocalypse
    Becky Cloonan & Michael ConradMidnighter1029-1034Ending in Midnighter Annual
    Phillip K. JohnsonTales of the House of ElAnnual '21
    Sean LewisTales of Metropolis1035-1036
    Shawn AldridgeMartian Manhunter1037-1042
    Phillip K. Johnson & Si SpurrierA Tale of Two TitansAnnual '22
    Phillip K. JohnsonMyth of the Mongul1043
    A World Without Clark Kent1044-1046
    Kal-El Returns1047-1049Part of crossover
    Red Moon1047-1049
    Phillip K. Johnson, Joshua Williamson & Tom TaylorProject Blackout1050Prologue to upcoming AC, Superman and Jon Kent

    Collected in:

    Superman: The One Who Fell1029
    1Warworld Rising1030-1035
    2The Arena1036-1042
    3Warworld Revolution1043-1046
    Superman: Kal-El Returns1047-1049
    Complete CollectionIssues
    The Warworld Saga1030-1046

    #1050 isn't collected in any way.

    Dawn of DC (2023)

    The series transforms into Super-Family anthology – each issue includes 3 unconnected storylines.

    Phillip K. JohnsonMain1051-1060Ending in Annual
    Dan JurgensLois & Clark 21051-1057Continues from Lois & Clark
    Leah WilliamsPower Girl: Reborn1051-1053Ending in Power Girl Special
    Dorado QuickSteel: Engineer of Tomorrow1054-1056Prologue to Steelworks
    Leah WilliamsPower Girl: No Strings AttachedKT: AC 1-2Knight Terrors tie-in
    Phillip K. JohnsonCyborg Superman RisesKT: AC 1Knight Terrors tie-in
    Phillip K. JohnsonCyborg Superman on the HuntKT: AC 2Knight Terrors tie-in
    Dan WattersDoomsday in HellDoomsday Special
    Dan WattersBloodwynd: A Superman for HellDoomsday Special
    Magdalene VisaggioSuper is as Super Does1057
    Gene Luen YangSecret Identity1058-1059Continues from New Super-Man
    Greg HahnPanic at the Parade1058
    Dan ParentA Heart in Metropolis1059
    Joe CaseyZod: Past is Prologue1060Prologue to Kneel Before Zod
    Nicole MainesSquad Dreams1060Beast World tie-in

    Collected in:

    Power Girl Returns1051-1053
    Lois & Clark 2: Doom Rising1051-1057
    1Rise of Metallo1051-1056
    Knight Terrors: Knightmare LeagueKT: AC 1-2

    Superman Superstars (2024)

    Jason AaronI, Bizarro1061-1063
    Joshua WilliamsonTBA Brainiac story1064-

    Non-US collected editions:


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