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A Little of This, a Little of That

Some moments are pretty good, especially in contrast to most of the other New 52 palaver, but on the whole that isn't saying much. This collection has potential, especially with so much Lana Lang involved, but knowing the vagaries of New 52 "decision making," it's likely going to get revamped in a couple of issues when the next new writer comes along (or the next new reboot of all the series happens). It's a goofy story, with dinosaurs and Typical Lost Civilization People (who have been hanging out underground for thousands of years just because), Unthinking Military Types, Super-secret New Villains, and a few moments of pathos sprinkled in. It's okay, could have been better, gets a little preachy at times, a little tendentious at times (the secret origin story is a great example of the fine potential wasted on nonsensical inner monologue and poor Superman characterization through attitude and action), but it could also be easy to remember it well since it is better than most of the rest of the nonsense coming out of the New 52.

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