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  1. "Where the Heck is Green Lantern?" (Green Lantern) written by Peter David, penciled by Todd Smith, inked by Dan Bulanadi, colored by Anthony Tollin, lettered by Tim Harkins and edited by Denny O'Neil.
  2. "Moral Stand" Chapter Eight: Winged Dog" (Wild Dog) written by Max Collins, penciled by Terry Beatty, inked by John Nyberg, colored by Michele Wolfman, lettered by Gaspar and edited by Mike Gold.
  3. "Blind Impulse" (Secret Six) written by Martin Pasko, penciled and inked by Dan Spiegle, colored by Carl Gafford, lettered by Carrie Spiegle and edited by Dick Giordano.
  4. "Questions and Mysteries" (Superman) written by Roger Stern, penciled by Curt Swan, inked by John Beatty, colored by Tom Ziuko, lettered by Bill Oakley and edited by Renee Witterstaetter and Mike Carlin.
  5. "Chapter Eight Gala Reception" (Deadman) written by Mike Baron, penciled by Dan Jurgens, inked by Tony DeZuniga, colored by Liz Berube, lettered by Steve Haynie and edited by Barbara Randall.
  6. "Focus" "Detective Comics Green Arrow the Question" two page text piece discussing the three part annual crossover between Batman, Green Arrow and the Question by Brian Augustyn.
  7. "Another Fine War Conclusion" (Blackhawk) written by Mike Grell, penciled by Rick Burchett, inked by Pablo Marcos, colored by Tom Ziuko, lettered by Steve Haynie and edited by Mike Gold.




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