Action Comics #49

    Action Comics » Action Comics #49 - The Wizard of Chance released by DC Comics on June 1942.

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    “THE PUZZLER!” Superman must battle a twisted intellect who utilizes the principles of parlor games, tricks and puzzles to commit clever crimes.

    Superman: Lois and Clark visit a table tennis tournament, and Clark has to save one of the players from an exploding ball. The player had received a threat from the Puzzler for not paying tribute. After the match, Superman follows the player's car and saves him from another attack by the Puzzler's thugs.

    That evening, the Puzzler breaks his thugs out of jail, then sends an invitation to Clark at the Daily Planet to visit a secluded building where he will grant Clark an interview. Lois intercepts the letter and goes instead, where of course the Puzzler captures her. Superman arrives to save her, but the Puzzler has Lois in a trap where any false moves from Superman will cause her to be electrocuted. The Puzzler challenges Superman to a game of checkers, and promises to release Lois if he loses. Superman wins by using super-speed to cheat, but the Puzzler tries to kill them both. Superman manages to rescue Lois, but the Puzzler escapes.

    Back at the Planet, Clark receives the first in a series of clues which leads him as Superman into several perilous situations to uncover the full clue. When he returns, Superman discovers that the Puzzler has kidnapped several people, all with names connected to chess. Superman finds the Puzzler's hideout and has to save Lois again, but the Puzzler attempts to escape by climbing a high-level bridge. When Superman tries to catch him, he dives into the water and disappears without a trace.


    1. The Puzzler!! (Superman)
    2. Capt. Colin P. Kelly Jr. (Supermen of the U.S. Army)
    3. Gags
    4. The Rainbow Man (Vigilante)
    5. The Mystery of the Meandering Mansion (Three Aces)
    6. The Crime Machine (Mr. America)
    7. Safeguard
    8. The Last Shipment (Congo Bill)
    9. The Story of the Magical Mobsters (Zatara)

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