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Okey...what was that?

This volume concludes the Grant Morrison run in the Superman Series, wich put some of the stories from the past Issues Together. It's interesting how the time is always changing during the storyline, but that doesn't make it less Stranger. In my opinion, this is one of the most strangest Superman stories. Those 5D characters and that "Magic Kingdom" are ridiculous, sincerely.

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    As far as slam-bang finishes go, they don't get much more slammier or bangier. Once again Grant Morrison wags his finger at Morrison Doubters (such as yours truly) and pulls together most of the disparate threads and notions he has sprinkled throughout the series into a fairly satisfying conclusion. Most, I say, but not all, but that's probably not his purpose, anyway. It's possible to still enjoy Lost even if doesn't explicitly answer all your questions (it probably answered more than you thoug...

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