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While present-day Lex Luthor is busy fighting an array of the DCU's most vile foes over in ACTION COMICS, this annual takes a look back at two formative encounters Luthor had before he became the bald mad genius we know and love (to hate) today! Marco Rudy illustrates a story of young Lex and Darkseid, while Ed Benes tackles a tale starring Luthor and Batman foe Ra's al Ghul!    

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Review: Action Comics Annual #13 0

A young Lex Luthor meets Darkseid for the first time, and tries to take Darkseid head-on! Second story involves young Lex Luthor's time with Ra's Al Ghul.  The Good I love it when Annual's are self-contained stories about character's hidden history and not just some lame one-shot "we have to fight this villain" deal. If there's one thing I've been saying for quite some time now, it's that Paul Cornell's run of Action has been extremely awesome, and this annual is no exception. Altho...

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Little Luthor 0

The Good: Paul Cornell is writing this, and after his first 6 issues of Lex Luthor's Action Comics, I wouldn't have it any other way for a Luthor comic. And his writing is amazing. The 2 stories told here manage to both be incredibly stylized in their own unique ways apart from the main series, and yet have a connecting thread between the 2. The Darkseid tale is drawn by Marco Rudy, who's art I absolutely fell in love with on Superman/Batman #76. It's absolutely amazing, and gives such an amazin...

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Luthor's first steps towards power 0

    Action Comics Annual 13 takes us on a whole new look on Lex Luthor as we see a part of his history that was never told but yet finds itself as being a valuable piece that helps to define Lex Luthor. As Lex Luthor takes us on an EPIC adventure with his quest for power in the main Action Comics storyline, now comes the Action Comics annual that not only lacks a Superman, but starring a young Lex Luthor who’s first steps into Metropolis was one moment that should’ve been told within this five ...

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