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What do Art Adams, Joe Kubert, Pete Woods, Rags Morales, Kevin Maguire and Eric Wight have in common? No, they're not the latest rogues in Superman's gallery! Rather, they're just some of the talents DC has assembled to deliver ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #10, the place to catch up on all that's new to Superman's world - and to catch a glimpse of things to come in future issues of ACTION!

Lex Luthor is exploring through the jungle thinking about the different ways he could kill Superman. The idea that most intrigues Lex is death by Kryptonite. To him, that would be the most ironic way.

Young Clark must live his life carefully. He cannot play games such as baseball out of fear of hurting his friends. On his way home, he sees a rocket speeding towards Earth. He flies up to attempt to stop it. On the ground, a slightly older boy emerges speaking Kryptonese. He says, "son of Jor-El." He has no other memories.

At the Kent farm, Clark brings the boy into the storm cellar where all of Clark's Kryptonian artifacts are. The boy sees a flag with an S-shaped symbol that he recognizes as the symbol for the House of El. The two believe that the boy must also be from Krypton. They decide that his name should end in "El." The boy takes "Mon" as the first part, seeing it on a calendar. Thus, he is now known as Mon-El.

Clark and Mon-El secretly prevent accidents to save lives. Clark even gets to play "baseball."

Having nightmares, Mon-El is haunted by a phrase, "You don't belong here..." Determined to discover whether or not he truly is Kryptonian, they go into storm cellar to see if Kryptonite has the same deadly affect on Mon-El as it does for Clark. As soon as Clark removes the lead box containing it, Mon-El becomes deathly ill.

He now remembers that his name is Lar Gand and that he is from the planet Daxam. Lead is extremely poisonous to his people. There is no cure. Mon-El figures that being sent Lar to the Phantom Zone, where time stands still, is the only way he can survive.

Clark is left "alone" again.

Thanagarians investigate why three of their police cruiser have become lost in a certain sector. They are greeted by three Bizarros who only have one word to say to them, "Hello."

A two page spread showing the different parts of Superman's Fortress.

Jor-El and his mentor Non discover that Krypton is doomed to explode. The Science Council refuses to hear of it. General Zod and his troops take them away on charges of heresy. They are given a warning by the council and told that their discussion on the destruction of Krypton was forbidden.

Jor-El works secretly on a rocket as Non speaks to the people. General Zod begins to believe the word of Non. Non is soon taken away in the night. Missing for two days, he was found outside of the city with a fresh scar on his head. His intellect had been taken away.

Outrage, Zod speaks to Jor-El and demands that they destroy the Council. Refusing to believe that violence is the answer, Jor-El doesn't take part in the attack. Defeated, Zod, his lieutenant Ursa, and Non are captured. Jor-El steps in and rather than have them sentenced to death, ensures that they are placed in the Phantom Zone, where they still will have a chance at life.

Zod vows that he will return to rule and will make Jor-El his slave as he is a slave to the Council. Jor-El will bow before him as will his son, Kal-El. Jor-El disagrees.

Luthor is discussing the different affects the different types of Kryptonite have on Superman. He discusses green, red, blue, and gold. Not being able to decide on which should be used to kill Superman, Lex uses all four to give Metallo and upgrade. This marks the beginning of Lex's Revenge Squad.


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