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Putting the "Action" back in Action Comics

Action Comics is living up to its name. Following the intense set up of last issue, Superman and Lex Luthor have to team up to defeat Doomsday. If there was any kind of question as to if this is the pre-New 52 Doomsday, Superman lays those doubts aside as soon as he connects with the monster. It is the same Doomsday that killed him, which just adds so much more to the overall mystery of this story.

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a Superman story with a mystery. The pre-New 52 Superman is back, but things from his reality seem to be following him. Doomsday's back in Action Comics, and Eradicator is coming back in the pages of Superman. Not to mention the sudden appearance of Clark Kent. And in the thick of it, Mr. Oz is watching all and being as cryptic as ever. Writer Dan Jurgens isn't giving us a lot of information as to who Mr. Oz is and how Doomsday fits into everything, but I see that as a good thing in the overall. This is only the second issue of this story and Doomsday is only just now getting his hands on Superman and Lex. There shouldn't be a lot of answers given just yet and the mystery is keeping me hooked, which is something I haven't felt reading recent Superman comics.

This issue of Action is one giant battle. That means, yes, it's full of action. Superman is doing everything in his power to defeat Doomsday while keeping the citizens safe. Luckily he has Lex Luthor to help, but Lex is looking to handle the entire situation himself. Superman and Lex have always butted heads, but seeming them do it while also battling a raging death machine is adding a whole new flavor to the mix. On the emotional side, we get to see how Lois and Jonathan Kent are handling watching the battle from their new farm. Lois is obviously concerned over the safety of her husband (he did die the first time he fought this monster) while Jonathan is just confused as to the whole situation and wants to help with his developing powers.

Artist Patrick Zircher does a fantastic job delivering for this book. I find his Superman and Lex Luthor look fantastic with Ulises Arreola's colors and the surrounding chaos of the battle gives a good insight as to how this is affecting Metropolis.

As issues go, Action Comics 958 is a solid one. It's full of action, as Action Comics should be, but I find myself craving a few more answers as to the overall mystery that Dan Jurgens is setting up. If the ending to this issue holds true, then answers should be on the way.

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