Action Comics #867

    Action Comics » Action Comics #867 - Brainiac, Part 2 - Hide and Seek released by DC Comics on September 2008.

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    In deep space, Brainiac sits in his ship...

    At the Fortress of Solitude, Superman and Supergirl analyze the remains of Brainiac.  Superman tells her that Brainiac has always appeared in a different form.  He says he's an alien from the planet Colu.  Supergirl tells him that what they're looking at is not Brainiac but rather one of his probes.  She says no one has actually seen Brainiac. 

    Visibley frightened, Superman asks why.  She tells him that months before she left Krypton, Brainiac invaded the city of Kandor.  Hundreds of these types of probes were sent in and people were killed.  Then a barrier went up and Kandor was gone.  Some say it was disintigrated and others say they were all abducted.

    At the Kent farm, Clark talks about searching for the other Kryptonians with his parents.  Martha isn't too crazy about the idea.  Clark decides that he has to go and find Brainiac before Brainiac finds him.   He also doesn't want Kara to know until after he's gone.  In a Kryptonian ship, Superman searches while watching some history crystals. 

    Soon Superman finds a world being invaded by the Brainiac probes.  He goes and tears through them in the hopes of gaining the true Brainiac's attention.  Seeing the mother ship, Superman flies toward it only to get batted away.  A barrier goes up around the alien city and Superman is unable to penetrate it.  He notices a projectile launched from the mother ship toward the sun.  The sun explodes and destroys the planet.  Superman is left unconscious floating in space.  The Brainiac ship detects a Kryptonian and brings him aboard.


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