Action Comics #864

    Action Comics » Action Comics #864 - Batman and the Legion Of Super-Heroes released by DC Comics on June 2008.

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    General Zod! Bizarro World! The Legion of Super-Heroes! What's next for the Man of Steel? Superman attempts to get back to his life as Clark Kent, but when you're the world's greatest hero there's trouble around every corner, behind every planet and within every dimension.

    Batman arrives at the Fortress of Solitude and finds Superman hanging out with Lighting Lad from the Legion of Super-Heroes. The two of them are reminiscing about old times. Batman isn't too keen on this. He asks to speak to Superman alone despite the insistence from Lightning Lad that he can speak in front of him.

    Batman reveals to Superman that he doesn't exactly trust Lightning Lad. He reminds Superman about their recent "adventure" with them in bringing back Wally West. He wants to know why they all left without even saying goodbye to Superman. Batman says that he's met three different Legions. He wants to know what the deal is. Superman tries putting it off on parallel Earths but Batman doesn't buy that. He finally tells Superman why he showed up. Two bodies were found with Legion rings.

    In Gotham, Superman and Batman stare down at the dead bodies of Karate Kid and Triplicate Girl. Batman notes that they weren't killed there. Superman confirms this and that they died differently with microscopic vision. Karate Kid died from a virus.

    Suddenly Lightning Lad arrives demanding to know who killed them. When the GCPD react, he sends some lightning blasts at them to keep them back. This doesn't make Batman too happy. Superman tries to calm everyone down while Batman tells Lightning Lad to go home to his time. This time is under their jurisdiction. Batman makes it clear that he doesn't trust him or any other time traveler.

    The Legion rings begin letting out another distress signal. It's coming from Starman in Opal City. He tells them not to worry about Triplicate Girl. She's still going to do something. He says that Karate Kid is dead again. He called them so they'd know that he died trying to cure the virus he had. Batman asks if he knows who put them in the alley in Gotham. Starman can barely remember and just knows it's someone that doesn't like Batman and wanted to get the Legion's and Superman's attention. He tells them that this isn't his fight and he's taking off for his own adventures.

    Lightning Lad takes the bodies to their time for their memorials. Before he leaves, he gives Superman another Legion ring Braniac made before they left the future. It has a cloaking setting so he can wear it at all times. It also has a one-time "emergency rip-cord" so Superman can travel to the future if he needs their help.

    At the end it is revealed that the Time Trapper has been watching over all these events. He figures if he can't erase Superman from history, he'll corrupt everything that he's ever stood for.


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