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It am BIZARRO Bizarro!

At last! I review something besides Batman! I got the paperback for Birthright, but for some strange reason, DC didn't want to separate the chapters in the book, making it harder to review! Don't worry, I'll comment on college grad Clark Kent's adventures in Africa wrestling pissed off lions for fun (yeah, I'm serious) eventually. Anyway, I went and picked this up, because I can actually review it.

Bizarro a funny character, simply because he's not evil, he's just stupid. And I find that intriguing for a villain.

This paperback had a introduction from Brian K. Vaughan, who alot of people respect for co-creating Y: The Last Man. I've heard good things about the series, but I don't care enough to read it. Anyway, he called it a lovely and poignant story that breathes new life in the Bizarro character. He even had greater praise for the artist's other work. Ok.

First thing I gotta say is this: Bizarro World is a beautiful place. Everything's crooked and out of place, the colors are dull and washed out. It's excellent! This story's art is by the same guy who made the Goon, so I gotta give that a look one of these days.

Anyway, the story begins with Bizarro kidnapping Jonathan Kent and flying to a blue sun. Superman follows. Supes finds Bizarro and gets beaten by his copy's new powers due to the younger sun. It ends on a cliff-hanger.

This one was ok. As usual, a set up for what'll happen next.

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