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  1. Tommy Gets a Zero (Superman)
  2. The Sign that Wasn't There (Hayfoot Henry)
  3. Jackals of the Jungle (Congo Bill)
  4. Shorty
  5. Dark Guilt
  6. Three's a Crowd (Vigilante)
  7. Day of Wishes (Zatara)

On the cover: Superman in roller skates barely jumping over a long line of barrels.


One Friday in school, the teacher, Miss Mentor, gives out a homework assignment which requires each pupil to write a report on what happens to them on the following day. Tommy Allen is up early on the Saturday and takes a walk near his home, but can't find anything exciting to write about. Suddenly, he spots some robbers in Kimberley's jewellery store and decides to run for help. He dashes in front of an oncoming car and is saved by Superman, whom he tells about the robbery. Superman rounds up three of the thieves but both he and Tommy fail to notice a fourth thug escape.

As Tommy is writing his report, a gust of wind blows the paper away where the fourth thug picks it up and, believing it is some official report for the FBI, decides to kidnap Tommy and take him to his boss, Dapper.

Dapper realizes the report is only for a school competition, but also realizes he can't kill Tommy or let him go without drawing attention to the gang. So he pretends to be an FBI agent who is investigating the gang and gets Tommy to promise to keep quiet.

He then tells Tommy that the FBI plans to intercept a robbery that night at the docks, and that Tommy should come along to watch the final arrests and get even more material for his report. In reality they plan to kill him in the confusion of the robbery and thus dispose of a witness.

Later, Clark talks to Tommy to get material for a Planet story and Tommy lets slip that he can't write his composition yet because 'they' told him not to, but won't say any more. Clark gets suspicious and keeps an eye on Tommy that evening. As Superman, he spots Tommy sneaking out of his house and follows him to the docks, where he foils the murder plan and gets the full story from Tommy. Superman is then able to round up the rest of the gang.

When Tommy writes up the full story for his class, Miss Mentor thinks he just made the whole thing up. gives him a zero and sends him to the principal. The principal, however, has read the newspaper that day and knows Tommy's story is true, so we have a happy ending.

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