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It's the epic 30-page conclusion of Grant Morrison and Rags Morales' majestic opening storyline! $3.99 gets you front row seats to the ascension of the DC Universe's first Super Hero as The Man of Steel goes toe to tentacle with the all-new Brainiac for the final fate of Metropolis!


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ACTION COMICS #8Written by:Grant MorrisonArt by:Rags MoralesBob McleodRick BryantBrad WalkerThe finale of the first Action Comics story arc is finally here and now it's time to decide the fate of Superman as he battle Brainiac in order to stop him in preserving Metropolis to Brainiac's collection.The first story arc from Grant Morrison have reached it's finale and i have to say this is a very good issue but it has some problems with it. As much as i love Grant Morrison's writing in the past issu...

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Read it Twice! 0

When I first read this beginning story arc on a month by month basis, I ended each issue scratching my head. I was left with so many questions; I didn't understand the time-jumps, I couldn't figure out what Lex was up to, and overall, I thought the series to be mediocre. That was until I went back and read issues #1-8 all in one sitting.When looking at Morrison's first arc as a whole, the true genius of it is revealed. This book has set up everything you need to know about Superman, and I mean e...

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Brain Interactive what? 0

Action Comics #8 wasn't all it could have been. Lex Luthor is so boring, and this version of Brainiac has not really brought anything new to the table. Did we just witness the origin of the new Fortress of Solitude? The art was good, except for that awful slash page with the weird smile... ugh!Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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