Action Comics #79

    Action Comics » Action Comics #79 released by DC Comics on December 1944.

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    “THE GOLDEN FLEECE.” When Wilbur Wolfingham brings his crooked “rags to riches” scheme to Metropolis, Superman, with the help of Lois Lane, decides to expose his antics and prove to him that in the end, his schemes only hurt himself!

    Superman: Swindler Wilbur Wolfingham is running a fake investment service, in which he relieves victims of their life savings, promising to invest the money so they will get rich quickly. In reality, of course, he pockets the cash and disappears.

    For his next scam, Wolfingham heads out west to sheep-farming country that has been suffering from drought. Because the land is drying up, the sheep farmers are willing to sell it to Wolfingham at drastically reduced prices. After buying their land, he plants some gold on the land to make it look like there are gold deposits there, so there is a gold rush where people pay inflated prices for the land, thus making Wolfingham rich.

    Superman examines the land by digging into it and verifies that there is no gold. He tells the farmers who have bought their land back that Wolfingham has swindled them, so they are about to lynch Wolfingham when he brings out some armed bodyguards to protect himself from the crowd.

    Meanwhile, Superman alters the weather pattern to bring some rain to the drought-stricken land. Next, he returns to Metropolis and brings the people that Wolfingham had swindled there with his fake investment agency out to the sheep country, where he forces Wolfingham to pay up.

    The sheep farmers, seeing Wolfingham giving cash to the city folk, are resentful that they seem to be out of pocket for having to buy back their land at inflated prices, but Superman reveals that although there is no gold in the land, there are rich deposits of silver. Thus everyone is happy, apart from Wolfingham who now has no money left due to paying back his city clients, and having sold back the land to the farmers.


    1. The Golden Fleece (Superman)
    2. The Taming of the Tiger (Hayfoot Henry)
    3. Birds of Ill Omen (Vigilante)
    4. Chief Hot Foot
    5. Kid Brother
    6. High in the Andes (Congo Bill)
    7. When Magic Fails (Zatara)

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