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  1. One fine night, Superman is cruising through Metropolis when he suddenly hears a screem. He strains to find out its source and sees a man falling to his death. Superman kicks into top gear. He arrives just in time to save the man and sees that he is holding an unexpected guest, Nightwing.

Nightwing asks Superman to let him down. When Supes aks him what he is doing in Metropolis, Nightwing syas that he is here on a case. Something about the notorious Intergang and a man named Bendel White.

Elsewhere, Lois Lane is asking J. Darret( H.O.D. Robotics) about the robots she had previously seen being unloaded from a ship. Darret says that what she is describing cannot be reality, because according to her description, the robots advanced servo motors to be functional. Lois leaves, frustated.

A very busy Bendel White comes back to his office, much to the surprise of his secretary. He asks her an unimportant question and then locks himself inside his room, telling her to keep the rumour about his death as it is.

Superman says that Bendel White is alive. Nightwing does not believe him. When Supes comfirms, Nightwing is surprised to know that

Dudley Soames

let White go. Superman says that White is talking over the phone to his pals at Intergang. Nightwing asks him if he can target the other end of the line. Superman says that he won't need to, because the way the conversation is proceeding, the people will be coming to Bendel's place.

Lois goes to Bibbo's restaurants and starts asking the sailors about the ship Kandihar Queen. She talks about the robots and they start laughing. Bibbo throws them out and responds to Lois' question. But even he cannot give satisfactory answers.

Bendel is talking to his pals, when he realises that they are talking nuts about armaments. They hang up and White gets frightened. He is shocked to see three


hovering outside his window.

Superman slams into the largest of the gang and sends him reeling into White's room. Immediately, his companion fires at Superman, sending him crashing through the wall.

Nightwing jumps onto the gangsters' pod and engages in combat with the third one. They fly haywire around the city.

The second gangsters arms a


and lobs it at Superman. Superman lets it detonate inside his fist, but the resulting shockwave tears up half of the apartment, sending the two gangsters and Bendel White flying out. Superman is too tired to catch him, but he doesn't need to. Nightwing comes up with the lot of them on the pod.

Later, Bendel White refuses to confess any deal with Intergang. The police arrive and carry him and the three Intergangsters to Stryker's island. Superman says that it was a pleasure to spend time with Nightwing, because Batman is very taciturn.



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This for me is quite an interesting issue, not so much for the plot but for the interaction of the characters.  So often when a character from Gotham ventures otuside city limits they take on new characeristics, often being dark and scary or good with detective work as the story demands.  Here though it is a farily accurate representation of what kind of hero Nightwing is.  he and Clark share some words, and even make light of Bruce's attitude at times.  And while the action here is not the high...

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