Action Comics #73

    Action Comics » Action Comics #73 released by DC Comics on June 1944.

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    “THE HOBBY ROBBERS!” Clark Kent investigates a series of robberies involving people's hobbies and items being held for ransom, but when it is revealed that Clark’s own hobby is collecting clocks, Superman must step in “in time” to save the collection.

    Superman: Jonathan Spence is admiring his collection of 500 powder horns when he is clubbed unconscious and his collection is stolen by a monocled thief named Lucius Spruce. Spruce's specialty is robbing people of their collections of bizarre objects, then demanding a ransom for their return. After several more hobby thefts, Clark decides to set a trap for Spruce by getting Lois to write an article in the Planet describing how he exposed Spruce as the thief (which he did as Superman), and also stating that he is a collector of antique clocks. (Bizarrely, in this issue, Clark really does collect clocks, although this isn't an enduring feature of Clark Kent in later issues.)

    As expected, the article draws the attention of Spruce who sends Clark a letter saying that if he doesn't stop Superman from interfering in his plans, he (Spruce) will take Clark's clock collection. Lois sees the letter and decides to get a scoop by hiding inside a grandfather clock in Clark's apartment.

    When Clark arrives home, he spots Lois in the clock using his x-ray vision, but before he can change to Superman, Spruce and his gang arrive and kidnap Clark and his collection, taking them to Spruce's mansion. Here, it emerges that Spruce himself collects giant carnivorous plants, Spruce threatens to throw Clark and Lois to the plants unless they write a letter to Superman ordering him to stay away. However, Clark breaks free and as Superman overcomes Spruce and his gang.


    1. "The Hobby Robbers" (Superman) The Hobby Robber steals Clark Kent's rare clock collection and holds them for ransom. Can Superman defeat him in time?
    2. "Molly"
    3. "Dirge on a Bull Fiddle" (Vigilante)
    4. "Growler and Prowler" (Super Sleuth McFooey)
    5. "Renegade Roundup" (Congo Bill)
    6. "A Good Sign"
    7. "The Return of Dr. Ito" (Americommando)
    8. "Our Friends in War, Work & Service"
    9. "Rocks of Riches" (Zatara)

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