Action Comics #72

    Action Comics » Action Comics #72 released by DC Comics on May 1944.

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    “SUPERMAN AND THE SUPER-MOVERS!” Superman compares himself to construction workers and heavy-crane operators as he helps the owners of “Super Movers” against a rival, who is trying to buy the owner out in order to use the business as a front for robbery.

    Superman: Super-movers is a new business in Metropolis which specializes in large moving jobs. Lois and Clark are assigned to cover one of their jobs, but while the movers are installing a large dryer into a sugar refinery, a rope snaps and the 30-ton dryer is about to fall on bystanders. Clark manages to switch to Superman in time to save the day, but Lois notices that it wasn't an accident - one of the ropes had been eaten through with acid.

    Superman reveals one of the movers to be a German spy, but the spy claims he didn't get a chance to do anything before Superman intervened. It turns out that Mr Squiggle, a crooked businessman, is trying to buy the moving company and he paid someone to sabotage the rope. Squiggle tries again by sabotaging two more jobs, but Superman manages to set things right each time.

    Finally, Squiggle tries diverting Superman to a fake emergency while he uses the moving equipment to hijack some vaults from a bank. Superman manages to return from his diversion in time to prevent the robbery and capture the crooks.


    1. Superman and the Super-Movers (Superman)
    2. Private Pete
    3. The Guns of Killer Haines (Vigilante)
    4. The Perfect Double (Super Sleuth McFooey)
    5. Be A Magician! Turn Waste Paper Into War Weapons (Superman)
    6. Choose Your Weapon (Congo Bill)
    7. Out of Nowhere
    8. Cargoes of Death (Americommando)
    9. Magic Knights (Zatara)

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