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Great issue

I will admit I bought this for Mister Miracle. The cover is absolutely fantastic, I found it my selling point. Anyways onto the plot outline. Someone plans to capture Superman and of course kill him. Scott Free (Mr. Miracle) is on New Genesis doing some soul searching with Big Barda . Superman is captured and Scott's Mother Box is triggered. Transforming him and teleporting him to Superman to figure out who is using Apokolip technology. Also a side story for Conduit , which I really did not care for and it seems to be developing something for a future issue. First off, I love the interaction between Mr. Miracle and Superman, I think they make a great team together. The action is pretty solid, even if your not a fan of Mr. Miracle this shows off his abilities very well. A pretty easy read through. Although this leads off into another part (which I need to read) I felt this issue was really good for me since I don't read much Superman.

The Good:

  • Nice and easy read through
  • Mr. Miracle and the interaction between Superman
  • Great cover
  • Plenty of action

The Bad:

  • The Conduit side story was the only thing. Don't care for him much.
  • Leads off into a another issue......minor complaint also.

Overall: A great read and a recommend for fans looking for a Superman issue or Mr. Miracle issue. I do recommend finding Superman:The Man Of Steel #43 to finish off the story (which I will try to find myself).

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