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"Fall of Metropolis" part 1! Can Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy save Metropolis? Meanwhile, wedding bells can be heard in Smallville as Pete Ross marries Lana Lang!


  • There are two types of covers: regular edition and premium edition.
  • On the cover the license plate on the car is a homage to Mike Carlin.
  • On the cover the street sign is a homage to artist Dennis Janke?, Jon Bogdanove?, Tom Grummett and Barry Kitson.
  • Special thanks to Jeff Guice and Al Ramirez.
  • WGBS Flying Newsroom appears.
  • Page 16 panel 5 the note on bulletin board is an inside joke "Tom - Issue is Late! - Mike C".
  • Page 28 panel 3 the street sign Swan is a homage to artist Curt Swan.
  • Page 29 panel 1 the piano maker Jordway is a homage to artist Jerry Ordway.
  • Bizarro, Sasha Green, Lewis and Sara Lang, demons and Lady Blaze cameo flashback appearances.
  • As stated in the letter column this was Roger Stern's last story for a while. He has written Superman stories in Action Comics from issues 600-700.
  • "DC Universe 17" "From the DC High 1994 Yearbook" one page featuring Damage by Bill Marimon and Tom McWeeney, the Ray by Joe Quesada, Anima by Steve Crespo and Chris Ivy, Superboy by Tom Grummett and Doug Hazlewood, Robin by Tom Grummett and Scott Hanna and a good luck note from "Principal Carlin". Each character featured: Voted, Afterschool Activities, Quote and Immediate Plans.
  • Triangle 1994 #24.
  • Chronological continuation from Adventures of Superman #513.
  • Chronological continuation in Superman: The Man of Steel #35.
CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegStandard Edition Direct Sales CoverJackson Guice1
RegStandard Edition DC Universe CoverJackson Guice2
RegPremium Edition CoverJackson Guice3

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Lex Luthor finally goes mad and convinces himself that, if he can't have Metropolis, nobody can! He's dying slowly, due to the cloning process and has decided to destroy metropolis, by detonating various bombs placed around the city and Superman can do nothing to stop them all at once. Superman confronts Luthor, but doesn't have the heart to strike a dying man. Meanwhile, oblivious to what's going on there, Lana is having her wedding, which adds such a bizarre and sad ambience to the whole thing...

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