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Superman finally gets his makeover.

Art: I've really quite enjoyed Rags Morales work on Action Comics so far. His style is quite unorthodox and unique. It would have been easy for DC to put a megastar artist on this with huge, expressive panels and explosive colours but I like that they've given the comic an identity with Rags at the helm. The first few pages in particular with Superman launching himself into space were superb and continue to show us that Clarke is still very much at the infancy of his powers.

Plot: I don't know whether it was the 2 issue origin story previous to this but I felt a little de-tuned and deserted from the story but that's a minor quarrel. Superman has not really been pushed to his maximum during his time on Earth, dealing with humans has not required much of his huge potential but with the current alien invasion of Metropolis, Clarke has to dig deep to rescue his city. He comes face to face with the Collector of Worlds and faces his past and his future. Oh and some cheesy tale on Steel is in the back.

Verdict: Finally we return to the main plot of Action Comics after that roller coaster of an origin (I got sick on the loop-the-loop). It's quite a good return and my favourite parts continue to be the panels of the egotistical and ignorant Lex Luthor. He is written with a snide humour but there is no doubting the hatred within him. I hope he takes on a big role in the future. Superman's infiltration of the alien spaceship is done well. He begins to learn where he has come from and finally Brainiac reveals himself although I couldn't understand the last panel. Is he some sort of Megazord or something??

The Steel back-up just irritated me just as it did last time. It honestly adds no more to the story except to show some moral righteousness. Cheesy, predictable and unnecessary.

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