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Metropolis has been captured! To save it, Superman must push the limits of his nascent powers as never before! Aboard the ship that has the city captive, The Man of Steel finds an important tool that may help him defeat Metal-zero and his boss!

And as Superman fights foes in the sky, Steel must do what he can to protect those still in danger on the ground in a backup story by Sholly Fisch and Brad Walker!


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Brilliant Morrison stylings or arbitrarily overcomplicated? 0

Like no other ongoing title I'm reading at the moment (which is more than my wallet appreciates), Grant Morrison's action comics, with each and every issue, leaves me scratching my head trying (and usually failing) to remember what's come before and how that relates to what's happening now. Morrison is a master of complex, multi-layered storytelling where one might have to give it a few reads to see how all the details line up (see "Seven Soldiers", "The Invisibles")... but in Action Comics, not...

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Superman finally gets his makeover. 0

Art: I've really quite enjoyed Rags Morales work on Action Comics so far. His style is quite unorthodox and unique. It would have been easy for DC to put a megastar artist on this with huge, expressive panels and explosive colours but I like that they've given the comic an identity with Rags at the helm. The first few pages in particular with Superman launching himself into space were superb and continue to show us that Clarke is still very much at the infancy of his powers.Plot: I don't know wh...

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Doing Steel a Disservice 0

Sigh. Look, it's better than the Green Lantern banner because I get the point of this one. It's not hyping a movie that didn't need extra hype, and its for a good cause. But it doesn't change the fact that the "We Can Be Heroes" banner is a huge detriment to the covers its on. I love the way the cover integrates the image with the logo. The little spider robot crawling on the 'A' is genius, but then the spiders disappear behind the banner. Also, the Chris Burnham variant cover is phenomenal, and...

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