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The Eradicator faces the final purge of his home planet, leaving the universe with one true Last Son of Krypton!

Superman discovers that the Eradicator is miraculously still alive. He and a team of scientists do what they can to ensure his survival.


  • Cover sketched by Ed Hannigan, penciled by Kerry Gammill, inked by Jackson Guice and colored by Susanne Bourdages.
  • Cameo flashback appearances of the Eradicator's other forms.
  • While at S.T.A.R. Labs, Doctor David Conner hears a report on the news that the Outsiders are wanted for the mass murder in Markovia.
  • Doctor David Conner becomes the Eradicator.
  • "DC Universe 14" one page text piece featuring "Who is Your Favorite Bloodlines Hero?," "Punishing Elements" featuring Metamorpho puns and "DC Bullets" featuring new babies in the DC family, editors promotions and Bloodlines notes. Metamorpho artwork by Graham Nolan.
  • Triangle 1993 #36.
  • Chronological continuation from Adventures of Superman #506.
  • Chronological continuation in Superman: The Man of Steel #28.

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