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  1. The Lost-and-Found Mystery (Superman) -- 2. Private Pete -- 3. The Little Men Who Were There (Vigilante) -- 4. The Rain Maker (Vitamin Vic) -- 5. Kangaroo Capers (Congo Bill) -- 6. Clancy the Cop -- 7. Traitor's Bait (Americommando) -- 8. Handy Andy -- 9. Revenge, Rationed -- 10. East Meets West (Zatara)

Superman: While Lois and Clark are covering a state fair, a herd of cattle stampede through the fair grounds. After Clark changes to Superman to stop the stampede, Lois and Clark discover that it was caused by a crowd of people searching (literally) for a needle in a haystack because of an ad placed in the Planet offering a $5000 reward for finding the needle. When Lois and Clark visit G. Clamm, who placed the ad, he confirms that he did offer the reward, and claims it's because it was the needle used by Betsy Ross to make the first American flag.

However, it turns out that the Prankster is behind the scheme, and he sends out a fake reporter to blackmail Mr Clamm with some unspecified accusation.

Later, another ad offering a reward for the return of a bent safety pin attracts Clark's attention. Following the finder of the pin to the home of J. Roger, he sees the man collect the reward as before. Roger claims the pin had sentimental value because it helped save his life on a hunting trip, when he used it to start a fire at night. However, as Clark is leaving, another fake reporter pays Roger a visit. This time, Superman follows the 'reporter' back to the Prankster's lair, but even though he searches the place, Superman is unable to come up with any evidence that incriminates him.

Finally, the Prankster kidnaps Lois and demands $50,000 and Superman's promise not to interfere for her return. Searching the city with his X-ray vision, Superman discovers a lead-lined room buried underground. Breaking into the room, Superman finds Lois and the Prankster, and also finds evidence the Prankster has collected which allowed him to blackmail all the wealthy people involved in the fake-ad scams. The Prankster receives a spanking by Superman.

The Prankster finds the whole affair extremely funny, but his henchmen do not. During the ride to the police station, he is beaten by them.

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