Action Comics #645

    Action Comics » Action Comics #645 - My Lady Maxima! released by DC Comics on September 1989.

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    Maxima (in her first appearance) tries to flush out Superman in “My Lady Maxima!”

    On cover: Whatever Maxima Wants-- Maxima Gets!

    My Lady Maxima!

    A powerful and striking red-haired woman is looking for Superman.

    After some fruitless searching she is told to try looking at the Daily Planet, which she does.

    When Clark arrives at the Planet she has already left.

    He hears trouble from the Mayor's office, and heads over there as Superman.

    When he arrives he finds Maxima, and some of her guards holding the Mayor hostage.

    Superman attacks and defeats the guards, and confronts Maxima.

    When her aid Sazu hears what Superman says to Maxima, she defies Maxima and destroys her simacram, the resulting explosion knocking her unconscious.

    In space, Maxima watches the events unfold and is furious at Sazu's betrayal, she promises to go to Earth, find Superman and punish Sazu.


    • Story continues after the events in Starman #14.
    • Cameo flashback of Jimmy Olsen as Elastic Lad from Adventures of Superman #458.
    • Cameo headshots of Lois Lane, Gangbuster, Matrix, Lana Lang, Martha and Jonathan Kent.

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