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  1. The Terrible Toyman (Superman) --
  2. The Treasure of Dead Man's Key (Vigilante) --
  3. Jitters Jeep --
  4. Gift of Death --
  5. The Inquisitive Ostrich (Congo Bill) --
  6. Peter the Small (Americommando) --
  7. Quiet ... Thugs at Work (Zatara)

1. 'The Terrible Toyman'

Lois and Clark are out for a walk on a day off when a miniature mechanical Superman whizzes past them. Clark manages to catch the figure, when a curious old man shows up to reclaim it. He introduces himself as the Toyman, and agrees to give Lois an interview for a story.

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However, beneath the pleasant exterior lurks a persecuted man thirsting for revenge against a world which ridiculed him, and he plans to use his toys to achieve wealth and fame. The next day he sends Lois a letter telling her to watch a parade that he has organized. The parade turns out to be a cover for a bank robbery. When the toy soldiers in the parade arrive in front of the bank, they shoot knockout gas into the bank. The Toyman shows up on a pogo stick and while Superman is busy saving the bank's customers and employees from the gas, he robs the bank and escapes.

Later, the Toyman sends a miniature fire engine into a skyscraper where it shoots an incendiary bomb which starts a fire that spreads rapidly up the building. Again, Superman is occupied saving people from the building and in the confusion the Toyman rockets to the penthouse and robs rich recluse Fotherington Blythe of his precious pearl collection.

Next, he sends Lois a letter saying he will rob an armoured car as it crosses the East Bridge in Metropolis. The army is called in to guard the bridge, and Lois, determined not to miss the story, paddles out into the river in a canoe. When the car tries to cross the bridge, a miniature armoured car rolls onto the bridge. Superman's X-ray vision shows the car to be full of explosives, so he disarms it, but it was only a decoy, as a second toy car shoots onto the bridge and explodes, causing the bridge to collapse and the real armoured car to fall into the river.

After saving bystanders, Superman dives into the river to find men in diving suits cutting into the car to steal its contents. This time, Superman manages to foil the robbery and apprehend the crooks.

Meanwhile, Lois has capsized her canoe in the excitement, and has been captured by the Toyman and taken to his underground lair. Superman manages to track her down and save her from certain death as always, and the Toyman is captured.


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Jerry Siegel Gets Drafted... Superman Goes to Hell 0

In 1943 Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel gets called up by the Draft. He's replaced by Don Cameron D.C.'s Batman writer who proceeds to turn the adventures of the Man of Steel into stopping jokey villains with hokey gadgets, just like in the Batman comics. Take this dreadful issue, for example, which introduces regular Superman villain 'The Terrible Toyman'. Who armed with a super pogo stick, manages to elude Superman for almost a dozen pages. Only the deepening rivalry between...

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