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  1. "The Man They Wouldn't Believe"
  2. "Sgt. David Woody" (Supermen of the U.S. Army)
  3. "The Cat and the Fiddler" (Vigilante)
  4. "One Arabian Night" (Three Aces)
  5. "The Dikes of Death" (Americommando)
  6. "A Dog's Life"
  7. "A Blowout in Istanbul" (Congo Bill)
  8. "Private Pete"
  9. "The Man who Stole Magic" (Zatara)

Superman: Clark and Lois are on a date at a night club when Craig Shaw, a notorious playboy, sets fire to the club when a practical joke goes wrong. Clark slips away in the confusion to change to Superman, and extinguishes the flames. The next day, Lois writes a story on the fire which blames Shaw. When the Daily Planet receives a visit from Shaw's lawyer threatening to sue for libel, Lois decides to visit Shaw in person and give him a piece of her mind.

When Shaw sees Lois in person, he drops the lawsuit and begins courting her. Because of Shaw's persistence, Lois finally agrees to go out with him, and as the relationship develops, Shaw asks Lois to marry him. Lois agrees, but when she tells Clark of her plans, Clark becomes jealous and tries to think of a way to prevent the marriage and make Lois pay attention to him. Since Lois admires Superman so much, he decides to tell her that Clark Kent is in reality Superman.

Lois, of course, doesn't believe him, so he tries to perform a variety of super-feats to convince her. Each time, however, something goes wrong and it turns out that the super-feat could have been done by an ordinary man.

Events take an unexpected turn when Lois discovers that Shaw is in fact a counterfeiter, and Shaw discovers that Lois had suspected him of being a crook all along and agreed to marry him only so she could investigate him. When Clark shows up at Shaw's mansion, he and Lois are tied to electric chairs, and Shaw is about to electrocute them both. When Clark discovers that Lois was only pretending to agree to marry Shaw, he realizes he doesn't need to reveal his identity after all, but the problem now is how to rescue Lois without revealing that he is Superman. Using super-speed, Clark breaks out of the chair and abducts a man who resembles Clark. He then dresses this man in Clark's clothes and replaces him in the chair, and then turns up as Superman to rescue both him and Lois. When Lois sees Superman and "Clark" together, she forgets about the possibility that they are the same person.


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