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  1. Cover by John Byrne.
  2. "All that Glisters" written, penciled and inked (Figure Inks) by John Byrne, inked (Background Inks) by Keith Williams, colored by Tom Ziuko and lettered by John Costanza. Booster Gold launches a crusade against Superman on Superman Day, leading to a fight between the two heroes.



Gotham City. Just before midnight Batman, Robin and Superman meet on the roof of the old Sprang Building. Superman needs Batman's detective help. He hands him a scrap book but gives him no information about it and asks if Batman if he can find anything unusual. Batman says he'll meet back with Superman in three days. All Robin can say is “wow!” It is the first time he has met Superman. Eventually he gets enough courage to ask Superman for his autograph. Superman cuts a piece of edging material from the roof with his heat vision and carves best to Robin from Superman with his fingernail. Just before he leaves Batman congratulates him about Superman Day in Metropolis the next day.

That morning in Metropolis Trixie Collins a.k.a. Goldstar is walking down the street thinking about being a superhero and about Booster as she sees a poster that says “Booster Gold says we need another hero!!” It also has the Superman's symbol in a circle with a line crossing it out. She is shocked and just as she turns around she sees Booster fly by. She calls out to him but he seemingly ignores her. He flies over to a large covered statue of Superman that was to be revealed at the Superman Day festivities. He pulls off the cover off and blasts the statue to pieces.

At the Daily Planet Perry White tells Lois Lane that she has to go to the Booster Gold's press conference, and she is ticked about it. When she goes a much angrier Booster tells the press that Superman is guilty of “crimes against humanity” for his actions in Quarc. Lois tries to stand up too him but Booster holds his own and even makes her look bad.

In Mayor Frank Berkowitz office they are talking about Superman Day and how good it will be for his administration. Shortly after, his daughter Julianna walks in and a few minutes later so does Booster. Booster barges in talks smack about Superman, starts blasting and kidnaps Julianna. He takes her to a roof top and starts to cause her pain so she'll call for help and lure Superman to him.

At the Superman Day festivities or Superday, Superman is giving a speech when he hears the call for help. He quickly leaves and shows up in time to fight Booster. Unfortunately Booster kicks the tar out of him.

At the Daily Planet Lois hears the news quickly grabs a photographer named Gus and goes to the scene. She arrives in time to see a beaten Superman in Booster's fist. Then when you think it's all over a second Booster Gold shows up. What a cliffhanger!


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