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  1. Cover by John Byrne.
  2. "The Champion!" written and penciled by John Byrne, inked by Dick Giordano, colored by Tom Ziuko and lettered by John Costanza. In Darkseid's thrall, Superman combats Orion above the Fire Pits of Apokolips.


Full Plot

Story continued from: Adventures of Superman #426.

Superman, trapped on Apokolips and under the influence of Amazing Grace, was now referred to as “The Savior”. Leading a war against Darkseid, it is revealed that this was a ruse to corrupt Superman. Darkseid addresses Superman as his “son”.

Meanwhile, Orion and Lightray speed towards Apokolips. Having learned about Superman’s plight from Highfather, they rush to save their friend from Darkseid's machinations.

Granny Goodness is testing Superman’s strength with mechanical apparatus. Amazing Grace is unsure about Superman’s potential. Darkseid reveals the uprising was all his doing, shocking Grace. A soldier reports Orion and Lightray’s arrival, and Darkseid leads Superman to believe his powers come from Darkseid himself, as champion of Apokolips. Darkseid orders Superman to destroy the intruders.

Superman still referring to himself as “The Savior,” attacks Orion. Orion realized from his speech that Darkseid is manipulating him. Orion instructs Lightray to leave them as he will confront “Darkseid’s new son” himself. Orion then takes off his helmet, revealing his face and Darkseid’s “true son” in the process, shocking the Man of Steel back to his senses.

Lightray flies over Apokolips and surveys the brutal aftermath of the recent war. Bodies in the thousands are strewn over the landscape. He confronts Amazing Grace, who tries to manipulate his mind and pulls out a dagger. Lightray is too strong for her, blinding her and leaving her at the mercy of Darkseid. He comes back to see Orion using the Motherbox to patch Superman’s true memories.

Superman is outraged at having been used as a pawn. He wants to take the fight to Darkseid. Darkseid who is watching all of this, releases his dreaded Omega Beams to destroy Superman. Superman manages to evade them and turns them upon Darkseid himself. Darkseid, though hurt, does not accept defeat. Superman is about to strike again, but Darkseid opens a boom tube in the last instant and teleports him back to Earth.

Orion asks Darkseid if he will now attempt to kill them. Darkseid tells him that it will be done soon enough in the future, when they face off again. Later, Lightray asks Orion if he restored Superman’s memory of his part in the war. Orion tells him that it has not been done, wishing to spare him the trauma.



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Story Arcs

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