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From The longbox: Action Comics #560

It all starts with a visit to a detectivagency. An agency started by the Ambush Bug, and the visitor, is one Clark Kent. Unfortunately for him, it does not take the Bug very long to look right through his flimsy disguise and see that it is really Superman under those glasses. We are then treated to an origin story of the Ambush Bug which turns out to be Clark kent dreaming.

Seriously, I could probably let the review be a play by play of what happens in the book. What I just described are the first few pages. Frankly, i think the direction Ambush Bug was taking from here on in was found with this issue. That is to say, there is really no coherent story to be found, the pencils are good, but still look like a mess. Too top it all off, it is a heck of a fun read.

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